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12 Minute Portrait Sketches

Novermber 1, 2016

Summary: Sketches done during a drawing group that meets every Tuesday in Portland, Maine.

Portrait Sketches 11-01-16

Categories: Sketchbook

Tags: #12minuteportraits #portraitsfromlife

Portrait From Life - Rachel

October 23, 2016

Summary: Space finally opened up for me in the Portland Drawing Society - a small group of artists who meet every week Fall through Spring to spend three hours drawing a portrait from life.

Portrait From Life - Rachel

Category: Portraiture


House Portrait: Weeks House, Greenland, NH

August 9, 2015

Summary: House portrait of the historic Weeks House and Gardens in Greenland, New Hampshire.

House Portrait of Weeks House in Greenland, NH

Category: Commissions

Tags: #houseportraits

Tomorrowland Concept Art by John Hench

July 21, 2015

Summary: CGI and Computer Aided Design are all pretty neat, but the ideas have to start somewhere. This is an original concept drawing by Disney artist John Hench who went on to design the original look of Tomorrowland along with its next two updates.

Tomorrowland Concept Art by John Hench

Category: Art

Tags: #conceptart